Why Yoga is beautiful?

Joy yoga tripodYoga is beautiful because it is free to be interpreted.


In terms of physical aspect, you might feel so much energized by doing cobra, and I feel that way by doing pigeon. Or for the same asana “Warrior 1”, you might feel more grounded, while I might feel more uplifted. It is up to each individual to interpret, to feel, to appreciate the beauty of the pose.


In terms of mental aspect, yoga might be a way to keep calm and relaxed, or to remove negative thoughts and feelings, or to forget the busy crazy money-driven society for a moment. It is up to us to interpret.


In terms of spiritual aspect, some people might find yoga help still the mind to connect with their inside which has usually been ignored. For me, yoga is a way to find myself in harmony and balance with everything. How about you? 🙂


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