Something about Joy

Short version:

Cat outside. Lion inside. Bird deep deep inside.

Longer version:

Hello there. I am Joy, also called Jivani – the name given to me during the time I spent in the Sivananda Ashram, India in pursuit of my yoga training in 2013 . I have been moving around, before settling down here in Melbourne, with my lovely funny husband and beautiful little girl. We are all in love with this peaceful city and people here.

Prior to yoga, I had been involved in different forms of body movements, such as 7 years of Vietnam Martial Arts, 3 years of Taekwondo, a few years of playing soccer and dancing. I love all types of body movements as I feel free and much easier to express myself by movements than by words.

Yoga saved my life!! No, I am kidding. You might have heard some stories how yoga can bring people up from a very critical stage of life. It happened to some people, but not me. I started yoga just because I love to have some body movements after work, and yoga seemed a trend at that time, so why not try it? Simple as that, I came to my first yoga class where I found yoga was a competition, I found myself compete with others. It was fun and healthy competition, though…haha…This stage, however, only lasted for a few months, before I started to look within and focus inside. I started to realize how important the breath is, how critical sun salutations are, how beautiful the simple asanas are (triangle, warriors, downdog, cobra…). My practice has shifted since then, with more focus on breath, alignment and energy, rather than fancy asanas with legs over my neck.

My yoga practice is strongly influenced by Sivananda Hatha and Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga, as I find it energize and open me up in many ways. I would like to thank my 2 special teachers who have guided and influenced me so much on this path: Mahadev Chaitanya and Renae Stevens.

Yoga is beautiful because it is free to interpret. In terms of physical aspect, you might feel so much energized by doing cobra, and I feel that way by doing pigeon. Or for the same asana “Warrior 1”, you might feel more grounded, while I might feel more uplifted. It is up to each individual to interpret, to feel, to appreciate the beauty of the pose. In terms of mental aspect, yoga might be a way to keep calm and relaxed, or to remove negative thoughts and feelings, or to forget the busy crazy money-driven society for a moment. It is up to us to interpret. In terms of spiritual aspect, you might find yoga help still the mind to connect with your inside which has usually been ignored. For me, yoga is a way to find myself in harmony and balance with everything.

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