Beinks Yoga Mat – Reviewed by Yoga Peda

🙏 Special thanks to Yoga Peda for a very positive review on our b’EARTH yoga mat – the best yoga mat of Beinks – for its magnificent colors and wonderful grip.

“Beinks is definitely the brand I would choose, if it is a bit longer”.

“This brand Beinks is a little gem. They produce really beautiful things, and they produce magnificent colors.

And now watch this, the mat falls right away, completely flat and the mat doesn’t curl up or down. It unrolls by itself; it is comfortable and I believe this is a 4 mm thickness mat.

It’s the b’Earth mat, hence the expression from the other video “very down to earth”. It is a little less density so maybe for the handstand or headstands Sirsasana, there might be a micro movement that you will need to anticipate.

Beinks, it’s the brand I had a little crush for. The grip is magnificent. It is also a 100% natural mat and I highly recommend it.

The only negative point, but it might not concern a lot of people: it’s a bit short (1.71m, it seems to me). And for the price, it’s about $79, so it should be around 65 euros. Voila!”

To address the concern about the length of the mat, for those who are as tall as Robin (the reviewer), we would recommend b’EARTH X yoga mat – 10cm longer than our original b’EARTH mat.

The original review is in French, which can be found in Yoga Peda youtube channel.

The original review is in French, which can be found in here.

👍 Yoga Peda is a great yoga channel in the French language. If you are interested in practising yoga and brushing up your French at the same time, check out Yoga Peda!

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