What is Yogattitude?

What is Yogattitude?

  • Yogattitude is a small home yoga studio. Yogattitude believes yoga practice will bring more harmony to our life. And you will see more beauty than roughness, more smiles than frowns, more forgiveness than anger, more love than hatred.

How was Yogattitude created?

  • Yogattitude is converted from a living room, so you will feel the warm and home-like atmosphere when practicing here. This studio is kind of one-man show, as I am the website & logo designer, cameraman, decorator, and instructor, of course with great help and support from my dear husband.

Why was it created?

  • I am fortunate enough to possess a strong character to pursue what I love. Yoga is one of the things that I really love and I would like to share it with others by ways of teaching it. The benefits of yoga are tremendous but it is up to each individual to realize. I am here to guide you through the start of this journey, you are the one to walk and discover along the way.

Something nice about Yogattitude

  • Yogattitude is a tiny place, but you will find lots of space for yourself.
  • It is a little studio, but you will get lots of attention, guidance, and beautiful sunshine.
  • This studio is converted from a living room, so you will find something familiar like a bookshelf, a desk, a coffee table, a piano or a classic vinyl player. You will feel comfortable like practicing at home.



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